Fairbanks Morse Logo

We are the Fairbanks fire pump distributor for the Montana and Wyoming region. Let us help you select and size the right fire pump for your project.

For over a century, Fairbanks has been manufacturing pumps. As such, their products have superior design and manufacturing. For critical fire pump applications Fairbanks Morse should be your first choice. Pump choices include horizontal, in-line, and end suction centrifugal fire pumps, as well as vertical turbines.

TornaTech Logo

We can supply any manufacturer of fire pump controllers if requested. However, our preferred fire pump controller brand is TornaTech. This is based on our past experience with quality and after-sale support.

Their new ViziTouch screen technology is years ahead of the competition and does not cost a penny more.

Global Vision Inc Logo

The most reliable and accurate flow-meter is manufacturered by Global Vision, Inc. As such we provide Global Vision flow meters when requested.

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